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30+ SPEAKERS ACROSS 8 PANELS VIRTUAL EVENT Outer Space Activism: May the Force be with us – 27th DECEMBER 2021 | 10:00 AM- 11:15 AM (IST) Low-cost launches, space debris and security threats to name a few issues are on the rise as outer space activities with the support of private enterprises are promoted across the world. Where is the global space industry heading? Is the future bright for private enterprises involved in space activities, esp., when it comes to competitiveness? What are the business, legal and policy concerns that may [...]

India as a Maritime Power: Contemporary Perspectives

Greetings from Centre for Aerospace and Defence Laws (CADL), NALSAR University of Law!! Thank you for your support and for making our previous Webinars a huge success. India has a rich history in dealing with sea trade as well as a variety of trading and non-trading practices via sea within and beyond the confines of the country. Hence it has built up a magnificent maritime history and traditions for several decades even much before then the rise of European maritime powers. At present, among all Asian and African countries, India has one of the largest and considerably well-coordinated merchant shipping [...]

Application of GIS and Remote Sensing Technologies: Trends and Prospects

Greetings from the Centre for Aerospace and Defence Laws (CADL), NALSAR University of Law! Thank you for your support and making our previous Webinars a huge success. Can anyone imagine how it would be without the existence of digital maps when you visit a new place or when you want to visit a new place? Most of us would not imagine it. Maps have been the most powerful medium of information and navigation to understand various location parameters across the globe. With the advent of technology, digital maps are widely used and is the common mode of navigation which uses [...]

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